What makes the train travel so popular in Vietnam

The majestic scenery of Vietnam (news.zing.vn)

The train is a great way to cover the distance in Vietnam designed to save airfare and hotel expenses whether it’s a short or long journey.

In a travel in Vietnam, if you have a bit of time, let’s forget about the plane and try to travel by train to enjoy the new wonders of a trip that you have never experienced.

Reasonable price

The affordable price is the main reason for the popularity of train travel in Vietnam. The price varies depending on different classes of the train ticket, but in general, its price level is cheaper than other means of transportation. Also, the Railway Stations in Vietnam are usually located near the city center, so travelers can save a quite large amount of money transferring to the attractions of the city.

Ease of buying

Tourists can buy the train tickets on the internet or directly at the railway station

Besides the cheap price, buying train tickets is quite simple and convenient compared to other means of transportation. Visitors just need to access the website of the Vietnam Railways which shows the full information of schedules, kinds of the seat, and prices, etc, book the most appropriate tickets and purchase online via their bank accounts. With tickets purchased online, tourists can print out into the paper, or wait to go to the railway stations to present the online ticket (in email) to inspectors. Otherwise, travelers can buy train tickets directly in the railway station of the city, which is also supported by the well-trained staff.

If you’re planning to visit many attractions of Vietnam on holidays, you should book tickets before several weeks in case of being out of the ticket. In addition, if tourists don’t buy tickets in advance, they will have to line up and wait for hours to their turn.

Beautiful view along the way

Vietnam’s train lines run from Ho Chi Minh city to Hanoi, stopping at major cities along the way. Two of the prettiest stretches are Hue – Danang and Phu Yen province – the north of Nha Trang.

Along the way in the Vietnam train travel, tourists will have a chance to admire the peaceful and majestic scenery of the tropical country of Vietnam like the vast forests, mountains, blue sandy beaches, golden rice fields, and the life of the local people. Also, traveling by train is extremely fun for a group of friends or family on a short journey.

Admiring Sapa by train is also an interesting experience (soha.vn)

Convenient facilities

There are several classes of train, depending on the rail line and times. The choices include the hard seat (wooden benches), soft seat (similar to bus seats), hard sleeper (a cabin with six bunks with very thin padding) and soft sleeper (like a hard sleeper but with thicker mattresses and, usually, four bunks instead of six). Air conditioning is available in all sleeper cabins but may not be in all sitting cabins. Especially, the trains between Lao Cai and Hanoi and the direct service between Ho Chi Minh city and Phan Thiet offer better facilities.

In the past, there was a disadvantage of Vietnam train travel that the facilities were somewhat cramped, especially in sleeper cabins, making travelers hesitate to choose this way. The cabins were often full, which might mean that tourists slept with five strangers. The Vietnamese had a habit of sneaking children on board without tickets, which made things more cramped. Adults might have trouble sitting up straight in the bunks or having enough room to lie flat.

The facilities on the Vietnam trains

On the other hand, today, the Vietnam Railways has renovated the services as well as facilities to meet the need of both domestic and foreign travelers. They are offered the premium services on the “5-star” trains running from Ho Chi Minh city to Quang Binh which also pass Nha Trang, Quy Nhon, and Danang. Likewise, these train lines also include the routes of Ho Chi Minh city – Phan Thiet, Hue – Quy Nhon – Nha Trang, and Hanoi – Quang Binh.

About dining options, the meal, snack, and beverage carts generally pass by every few minutes. There is also a kitchen cabin where meals can be purchased, and passengers are permitted to hop off the train at stops to buy snacks. Do not linger, however, or you will be left behind. Besides fast food like instant noodles, the food available is Vietnamese dishes (often rice, boiled cabbage, and pork) which is also very good.

An unforgettable journey by train in Vietnam

Coming home after a long train travel in Vietnam, after all the attractions and experiences along the way, tourists definitely cannot forget the beautiful country with the poetic yet majestic scenery and friendly people. If you like the interesting experiences of a Vietnam railway journey, don’t hesitate to like and share this with others. Thank you.