City of Flowers offers beauty in bloom (Part 1)


The difference in atmosphere is glaringly evident as we arrive in Da Lat from HCM City. The air is fresh and we feel energised instantly.

As a minibus from the Edensee Resort takes us from the airport to the hotel, we see that Da Lat is very well taken care of, with good, clean roads and a profusion of blooms that have made it famous as the City of Flowers.


At Prenn Pass, just past the Datanla Waterfall, the bus turns left into a rolling pine forest and we see the immense, aptly-named Tuyen Lam Lake. Tuyen means stream and Lam stands for forest, and Tuyen Lam is where the twain always meet. The lake was created by a dam built between 1982 and 1987. Its water source is the Tia stream in the upstream section of the Da Tam River (which flows from the Elephant Mountain). The lake, which is 23m deep, is 4km southwest of Da Lat and 2km off National Road 20.

Surrounded by hills and trees, the lake wears a mysterious air and we feel instinctively that it is loath to give up its secrets. As our minibus goes further up, the roadside turns rocky. Soon we can see that Tuyen Lam is no longer just a place for the stream to meet the forest. There are a lot of luxury houses that have been built in the lush green forest, and among them are some lavish resorts, like the one we have just arrived at.

The Dalat Edensee compound looks like a European village surrounded by pine trees.

The architecture blends harmoniously with the natural scenery surrounding it.

Surrounded by the lake on three sides and the 1,600m high Pinhat Mountain on the other, Edensee nestles in the lap of a grove with thousands of green pine trees.

We get a chance to admire the lake at close quarters on a motorboat. Around each bend, the scenery seems to change, giving us a spellbinding slideshow of hills, mountains and forests, and the landscape acquires greater depth with multiple layers. Their reflections flicker in the lake’s waters.
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